7th December 2019 @ 11:00 am – 2:00 pm


Junior School Prize Day 2019

I am delighted to announce this year we will be holding our first Junior Prize Day. It will be celebration of our pupil’s successes and will take place at Harris Kent House Primary School on Saturday 7th December at 11.00am- 12.00pm
There are no classes this day as the end of term is Friday 6th December.

All pupils will collect their  LLDS Achievement 2019 certificates. There will also be many other awards and trophies presented.

We welcome pupils in the following classes  to attend.

  • Sat 9.00am Pre-School Ballet
  • Sat 9.00am Primary Ballet
  • Sat 9.30am and 10.00am Pre-Primary Ballet
  • Sat 10.00am Primary Tap
  • Sat 10.45am Grade 1 Modern
  • Thursday 4.00pm Stars
  • Thursday 4.00pm Primary Ballet

Tickets for the JUNIOR PRIZE DAY are free but you must register for your ticket and confirm your child’s attendance on the LLDS APP. Please see the button at end of newsletter to register on the LLDS App if you are not already a member. Only those on the App registration ticket list will be allowed entry on the day. Seats are limited and therefore we recommend you place your booking early. There is a limit of 2 tickets per family. The deadline for booking and to confirm your child’s attendance is Monday 2nd December. After this date we will assume you can not attend and your tickets will be given to those on the waiting list

Tickets available from 10.30am Wednesday 6th November and the ticket office will close on Monday 2nd December.

Senior Prize Day 2019

The afternoon will start at 1.30pm with various class demonstrations and performances from TPC, Ballet Repertoire and Singing.

After  a short interval there will be the presentation of awards and certificates.

Pupils that should attend are as follows;-

  • All pupils who have taken an exam in the past year must attend, to collect their certificate.
  • All pupils in Grade 1 Ballet and above must attend.
  • All pupils in Grade 2 Modern and Grade 2 tap and above must attend.

All pupils in Singing and Street dance can also attend.

Awards are presented for the following catergories :-

Progress Awards  – Awarded to pupils for excellent progress, hard work and effort.

Achievement Award – Awarded to pupils for their individual achievements in class.

Personality Plate – Awarded to the pupil who shines in Personality and is a pleasure to teach.

Royce Management Drama Award Presented to the pupil who has shown a great ability for Drama.

Joyce Seabrook Grooming Award  – Awarded to the pupil who takes pride in their appearance and is always groomed correctly for dance classes.

Dedication Award – Awarded to the pupil whose dedication to the school has been exceptional.

Junior and Senior Cups for TPC, Modern, Tap , Ballet, and Singing – Awarded to the most promising pupil in each category.

Overall ISTD Champion Cup – Awarded to the pupil who has excelled in their ISTD examinations this year.

ISTD Highest Mark Award 2019– Awarded to the pupil who gained the highest exam result.

The George Cup for Boys – Boys award. Awarded to the boy who has made excellent progress this year.

Acro Scholarship Awarded to the most promising Acro pupil.

Junior, Inter and Senior Scholarship

A full Associate Scholarship of unlimited dance classes (value £1000) will be presented to the Junior, Inter and Senior pupil who have excelled over the year in all aspects of their dance training. They have proved themselves to be consistent and dedicated, whilst achieving an excellent level in class, exams and shows.