LLDS – General Terms and Conditions

By enrolling at the Lucy Lovick Dance School, all parents and students over the age of 18 show their consent to the following:


Invoices, newsletters and other materials are presented online via email. Parents/Guardians should provide a valid email address for this purpose and ensure that such email from LLDS is not considered SPAM.


Correct uniform must be worn at all classes. All Ballet students from Grade One upwards must be correctly groomed with hair in a bun. Modern, Jazz and Tap hair must be off the face and tidy. No jewellery is to be worn except for stud earrings. Please ensure that ALL uniform items are labelled with the pupils’ name.


All pupils are eligible to take ISTD examinations (Imperial Society Of Teachers of Dancing)in Classical Ballet, Modern,Tap and Jazz. It may be necessary to have two lessons per week per genre leading up to the exam.

Health and Safety

When arriving at the hall always ensure that a teacher is present in the studio. Whilst every care will be taken of students whilst in the dance class, teachers cannot be responsible for any student outside of the class. If a parent is not there on time the pupil must return to the classroom. All pupils must be aware of this. The school has a Health and Safety policy.

Medical attention during class

Minor injuries may be treated by the teacher using a first aid kit which is provided by the school unless a letter advising to the contrary is received in writing from a parent or legal guardian.

Regular Attendance

This is essential for individual progression. Please ensure that you are punctual for classes and attend regularly. Where possible, please report any absences.

NoticeA notice period of half a term must be given in writing.

Crossing the road between venues

All pupils who have Saturday classes in both venues will need to be escorted by the parent between venues. If you wish for your child to be escorted by a member of staff or senior helper then you must let us know. All pupils who are allowed to cross the road unsupervised between Harris Academy and the Church must cross at the island crossing.

Behavioural Policy

LLDS prides itself on being a happy school with enjoyment being the centre of all our classes. The behavioural policy exists to maintain this environment and enable pupils to reach their full potential.

Any disruptive behaviour both in class and in the waiting areas will not be tolerated. The Principal has the right to ask pupils to leave the class at any time if they feel that their behaviour is either inappropriate or spoiling the enjoyment for other pupils. If disruptive or inappropriate behaviour continues, the pupil may be asked to leave LLDS.


Please ensure that you look after your belongings while attending class. The school is not responsible for the loss or damage to personal belongings whilst on the premises.

Photographs / Videos

To comply with the Data Protection Act 1998, we must have permission by a parent or legal guardian before we can photograph or make any recording of young people. Occasionally the students may have their picture taken or be involved in a video within the dance class, prior to an exam or at a show. We may wish to use these images in a suitable publication or on the school’s website. By enrolling at the LLDS you agree to the use of photography /video etc.

Contact between teacher and student

Physical contact may be required between the teacher and student during class in an appropriate manner for the teaching of the respective syllabus.


The school Principal reserves the right to refuse admission and to dismiss pupils should the occasion arise.


  • Fees are due before the 1st week of term.
  • A late payment fine of £20.00 will be charged if fees have not been received after this date.
  • Pupils will be excluded from class if fees remain unpaid and your place will be offered to someone on the waiting list
  • Fee payment plans can be arranged with the Principal.
  • A ‘pay weekly’ option is offered for adult classes only.
  • Payment can be made online please use pupils name as reference or by cash or cheque in a sealed named envelope.


Refunds will not be given once term has begun. Individual class refunds will only be issued if a class is cancelled due to teacher illness. Refunds will not be given for missed classes by students and classes cannot be carried over to the next term. However, if prolonged illness occurs concessions may be made.

Other Private Dance Schools

It is not allowed for pupils of the Lucy Lovick Dance School to take dance classes at another ISTD dancing school.

Dance school venue polices that must be adhered to:

Penge congregational Church

Pupils are not allowed to open the front door at the PCC. They must ask an adult or teacher.

Pupils are not allowed to get changed in the corridors or snug area.

Pupils under 10 are not allowed unaccompanied in the kitchen.

Venue 28

Parents should sign in at reception.

Parents should wait in the cafe area or in the reception area.

Pupils should get changed in the designated changing room and not in the upper hallway.

LLDS holds all its policies on file at the dance school and can be viewed if wished. Please speak to a member of staff to arrange.