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Prize Day

The Lucy Lovick Dance School holds it Prize Giving once a year, it is a very important event for the school. Many trophies, awards and medals and scholarships are presented for exceptional work, progress, achievement, dedication, hard work  and effort.

Prize Day 2019 will be held at Harris Kent House on Saturday 7th December

The afternoon will start at 1.30pm with various class demonstrations and performances from TPC, Ballet Repertoire and Singing.

After  a short interval there will be the presentation of awards and certificates.

Pupils that should attend are as follows;-

  • All pupils who have taken an exam in the past year must attend, to collect their certificate.
  • All pupils in Grade 1 Ballet and above must attend.
  • All pupils in Grade 2 Modern and Grade 2 tap and above must attend.

All pupils in Singing and Street dance can also attend.

All pupils must register whether are attending or not. Please complete the online form below to confirm yes or no.

Awards are presented for the following catergories :-

Progress Awards  – Awarded to pupils for excellent progress, hard work and effort.

Achievement Award – Awarded to pupils for their individual achievements in class.

Personality Plate – Awarded to the pupil who shines in Personality and is a pleasure to teach.

Royce Management Drama Award Presented to the pupil who has shown a great ability for Drama.

Joyce Seabrook Grooming Award  – Awarded to the pupil who takes pride in their appearance and is always groomed correctly for dance classes.

Dedication Award – Awarded to the pupil whose dedication to the school has been exceptional.

Junior and Senior Cups for TPC, Modern, Tap , Ballet, and Singing – Awarded to the most promising pupil in each category.

Overall ISTD Champion Cup – Awarded to the pupil who has excelled in their ISTD examinations this year.

ISTD Highest Mark Award 2019– Awarded to the pupil who gained the highest exam result.

The George Cup for Boys – Boys award. Awarded to the boy who has made excellent progress this year.

Acro Scholarship Awarded to the most promising Acro pupil.

Junior, Inter and Senior Scholarship

A full Associate Scholarship of unlimited dance classes (value £1000) will be presented to the Junior, Inter and Senior pupil who have excelled over the year in all aspects of their dance training. They have proved themselves to be consistent and dedicated, whilst achieving an excellent level in class, exams and shows.

Our Choreographic Competition 2020 (Date to be confirmed)

Our Choreographic Competition takes place every 2 years.

Details for the Competition are as follows-

Pupils will be divided into Juniors 6-10 , Inters 11-13 and Seniors 14+.

The finalist will be selected and perform in the evening. Our guest adjudicator will present prizes to the winners after our Prize day celebrations.


Each competitor will receive a rosette for his or her work. Medals will be awarded to the 1st and 2nd placed entries in Junior, Inter and Senior sections. Dances can be in the following categories: Ballet, Modern/Jazz, Tap, Musical Theatre

Rules to Be Followed

  1. Age of choreographer to be that on the closing date of entries.
  1. Each dance entered must have the music on a CD which should be handed in  the week before. CD’s must be clearly marked with the competitor’s name.
  1. Each dance must have a definite beginning & ending. Try to make the content as original as possible by avoiding too much repetition of movements or whole sections of the dance. Although, don’t attempt anything too ambitious. It is better to do something simple and do it well.
  1. If any section has less than three entries it may be linked with another section.
  1. The competitor must choreograph the dance. Please choose appropriate music for the dance you are doing and avoid music with inappropriate lyrics or content.
  1. No marks are given for costume, but excellence in grooming is essential.
  1. The adjudicator’s decision is final.
  1. Competitors must be present and ready to perform before their section begins or they may be disqualified.
  1. Each dance will be judged according to the following criteria: Standard of choreography, performance, originality of content, musicality, age of performers & costume.

Time Limits: the item may be less than the time allowed and must not be exceeded.

Solos- 1min 30 sec   Duets/trios – 2.00 minutes   Groups  – 2.5 minutes

Entry fees: Solos £5.00 each: Duos, Trios & Groups £7.00 per dance.