Classical Ballet
Theatre Performance Company

The Lucy Lovick Dance School offers classes in the following genres.

Pupils are encouraged to adopt a serious and ‘professional’ approach to dancing but above all everybody should enjoy themselves and have fun.

All pupils have the opportunity to take examinations under the ISTD examination system once they have reached the required standards in each grade. The examinations are not compulsory and those not wishing to take examinations will move to the next class along with their peers providing the level is achieved.

Acro Dance

We are delighted to be able to offer Pre-school, Junior, Inter and Senior Levels of AcroDance at LLDS

Acrobatic Dance, or acro as it is commonly referred to, is the beautiful fusion of classical dance technique and the precision and athleticism of acrobatic elements. Often defined by unique choreography, acro dancers seamlessly blend musicality, emotional expression, line and extension with acrobatic movements in a dance context.

Acro technique includes balancing, limbering, tumbling, balancing and partnering, based in flexibility and strength. We follow the Acrobatic Arts syllabus which is a 12 step programme that starts at the very beginning of the acro journey. We also will be offering Acrobatic Arts Exams

Pre-school is a brand new syllabus created by Acrobatic Arts. Combining Dance and Gymnastics with age suitable exercises and specially composed music. These classes will be fun, exciting and motivating for pre-schoolers. With fabulous themes, props and colourful worksheets. End of term rewards and certificates will be presented, as the children move through the class levels and record their achievements on sticker charts. We are one of the first UK schools to introduce this amazing new syllabus. 

Inter and Senior pupils must also attend Ballet and preferable Modern as well. AcroDance is to compliment the dancers training.

See ACRO in action

Classical Ballet

ISTD Ballet

Classical Ballet is the foundation for all dance. Classes aim to teach all the foundations needed for technique, correct body alignment, flexibility, strength, grace, co ordination, musicality and performance quality.

Age guidelines for ballet-

  • Pre-school Ballet classes for 3-4 years which introduces creative movement through fun and imaginative play with music. These classes are accompanied with our pianist Mrs Maskell. Each term has a different creative theme and the pupils have a showcase class for parents to watch at the end of each term.
  • Pre-primary Ballet for 4.5 – 6 year olds which works on the basics of ballet teaching leading to;
  • Primary Ballet – 6+ year olds. The pupils now have developed a sense of control and technique and are able to perform the first ballet movements with confidence. Exams can be taken from 6 years of age at Primary level.
  • Grade 1 Ballet 7-9 years of age
  • Grade 2 and above age will depend on ability and amount of classes taken per week.
See our Timetable

Ballet Repertoire

  • Repertoire A – (Grade 1 and 3 Ballet)
  • Repertoire B – (Grade 3 and 4 Ballet)
  • Repertoire C – (Grade Five and above)

The ballet repertoire class should be taken in addition to the graded ballet classes. It explores all aspects of Ballet from it’s history to choreography and music. Classes will cover the major ballets and principal dancers of the leading ballet companies. Pupils will also work towards, shows, presentations and open days. The classes will use a wide range of materials from DVDs, books, costumes and make-up. Pupils will build on strength and technique following a wider use of the dance vocabulary and be encouraged to create their own choreography. The focus is to develop a greater sense of performance and enjoyment through classical dance.

See our Timetable

Pre-school ballet

Come and join the fun with dancing bear and our pink tutus!! All pre-school classes are musically accompanied with our amazing pianist and taught by the principal Miss Lovick. Classes are designed specially for this age group, introducing creative movement through fun and imaginative play with music. Each term has a different inventive theme with a showcase class at the end of each term for parents to watch.

Pointe and Technique

Grade 5 Ballet and Above

A class to develop the strength, poise, balance and flexibility to enhance pointe work. Classes will also include general body conditioning. Pupils are encouraged to continually work on their strength and flexibility to improve their ability as a dancer.

Pointe Prep & Technique

Grade 4 Ballet and above

This class will work on core strength, flexibility, body conditioning all aimed towards the preparation for pointe work. Once girls have sufficient strength they will be able to get their first pair of pointe shoes and be able to gradually develop the first steps of pointe work.


ISTD Modern

Modern is a technical form of jazz and has a variety of styles from a slow lyrical feel to a strong jazz style. Working to the ISTD syllabus students learn various exercises for general strength and flexibility leading to dance amalgamations and sequences. Classes will improve a student’s co-ordination, balance and style. It will also develop a sense of performance and promote confidence. Exams start at 6 years of age.

Classes start at Grade 1 and progress through the grades to vocational level.

ISTD Contemporary

We are delighted to be able to offer the brand new ISTD Contemporary syllabus at Intermediate Foundation. The syllabus aims to introduce pupils to the fundamentals and vocabulary of Contemporary technique, performance through specially created solos by professional choreographers and approaches to creating movement vocabulary. This class is combined with the Gold Jazz level and is only for pupils in Grade 6 Modern or above.


LLDS Stars classes combine ISTD Modern and Tap. Pupils will learn the basics of modern dance and tap rhythm using instruments and props to help develop confidence and dance skills. Classes are fun and exciting and are a preparation for the exam grades of Pre-Primary / Primary Tap.

All these classes are taught by Miss Lovick.

Saturday Stars- This is a class for pupils who are in Pre-Primary Ballet. Age 4 – 5 years.

Thursday Stars – This class is for pupils who are in Pre-Primary Ballet. Age 3-5 years.



Jazz can be anything from Street Jazz to Lyrical Jazz, it can be fast and funky or smooth and contemporary. Today it is becoming extremely popular due to the latest TV programs that include great dance routines and performances from professionals and amateurs alike.

The classes follow the ISTD Jazz syllabus and pupils take exams starting at Bronze (grade 3 -4), Silver (grade 4-5), Gold level (grade 6 +) and finally Advanced commercial jazz is for vocational level pupils.

Pupils must study modern to be eligible for the with Jazz classes.

Street Jazz

Street Dance classes for pupils 9 years and above.
Learn the latest styles of Urban dance with the funkiest street/commercial jazz  moves. This is a super cool class with cutting edge street moves for all abilities.

This class works towards performance pieces at Prize Day and end of term showcases.

Pupils should take modern and/or jazz classes to join the troupe. We also recommend a ballet class is taken as well. This will help pupils achieve good technique, core strength and flexibility

Boys Dance

Dance classes just for the boys. We are very proud of the fact we have many boys dancing at the school. With so many external influences from TV and the media, dance is more popular than ever for boys.

These classes work on strength and flexibility whilst  having fun with dance and fitness. Great for all abilities from 8-16 years of age.


Tap dancing is a fun way of letting your feet do the talking! With lots of different beats and sounds, creating exciting rhythms with a wide variety of music. It helps to develop co-ordination and skill. Pupils can begin tap classes at 3-4 years of age and exams can be taken from the age of 5 with the Primary class exam.


From West-End musicals to songs by your favourite pop-artist, the ‘singing’ classes will encourage a rounded performer. This class is suitable for those who simply love to sing for fun and want to pursue their hobby in a supportive and friendly environment!

It is also an essential class for those who may be considering auditioning for professional stage school in the future, as competition for places is tough and applicants are now required to be able to sing, dance and act.

Theatre Performance Company

Our TPC classes offer everything that a performer will need.

Singing, Dancing, Drama, Musical Theatre, Performance skills and much more

This class will experience everything associated with the performing arts.

TPC pupils have performed at Her Majesty’s Theatre, Sadler’s Wells and the Royal Albert Hall. They have also participated in the Croydon, Beckenham and Bromley Dance festivals.

With expert guest teachers delivering master classes and workshops, our TPC pupils really have the best experience of the world of dance and theatre.

To be eligible for TPC pupils must attend Ballet, Tap and Modern classes.

Age 9 plus

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Pre-School Ballet , Pre-Primary Ballet and Saturday Stars

Most of these classes now operate a waiting list. Please call the office for information on  07888 657 685